Our herd

Spooky familly 51*

Brabantdale Jasper Spades VG-88 3Y 4*  Holstein Canada
1st Senior 3 Years-Old and B&U Portneuf 2009
1st Senior 2 Yd Old and Honorable Mention Trois-Rivières 2008
Honorable Mention Tout-Québec Inter. Yearling 2007
Embryo available X Sid, Atwood & Aftershock
Honorable Mention Junior Québec Show 2007
2nd Inter. Yearling EIHQ 2007
Good futur cow

Massico Windbrook Charly EX 93  Holstein Canada
2nd Sr 2years old Trois-Rivières
HM Tout-Qc Winter Calf
2nd Winter Calf EIHQ 2012
Dams: EX, VG 89 14*,EX 2E 4*,EX 3E 24*,VG 87 2*,VG 8*,EX,VG,VG 2*,VG 3*,VG 1*
Nom. All-Canadian & All-Qc Jr 2Y old

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo VG 89 3Y  Holstein Canada
Nom. All-Canadian & All-Qc Jr 2Y old
1st SJr 3 Yr old & Res. inter. Trois-Rivières 2013
Nom.Tout-Qc Jr Yrlg 2011
Res All-Quebec, Nom All-American & All-Canadian Spring calf 2010
Owner: Yvon Sicard
Laurie Sheik Familly

Morsan Lovely Miss Baxter EX 93 2E 96-MS  Holstein Canada
2-01 12077kg 4.4% 3.2% (290-339-287)
Over 60 Stars in the pedigree
Soeur d'Amycale

Petitclerc Jasper Amigo VG 88  Holstein Canada
Embryo available X Goldwyn
2-01 10 525kg 4.3% 3.2% (236-264-235)
Goldwyn 89pts 3Y

D-T Sunnyknoll Goldfry VG 89 3Y  Holstein Canada
Embryo availeble X Aftershock & Windbrook
9 generation VG or EX
03-07 11637 3,5% 3,1% (249-237-240)
4th Senior 2 Qc Spring Show 2012

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima VG-89 2nd calf Max score  Holstein Canada
2nd Sr 2 Maxville Spring Show 2012
All-Canadian Nom. & HM Tout-Qc Inter Yrlg
1st Winter Yrlg & B&O EIHQ 2011
5th Winter Yrlg Royal 2011
All-Quebec Nom. Winter calf 2010
Member of the 1st Junior Best of Three World Dairy Expo 2010
7th Winter Calf World Dairy Expo
2nd Jr 3 years old Trois-Riviere 2013

Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica EX 91  Holstein Canada
2nd Jr 2 Portneuf 2012
HM Tout-Qc Summer Yrlg
4th and B&O Summer Yrlg E.I.H.Q
8th Royal 2011
Windbrook from Chalou familly

Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX 95 2*  Holstein Canada
2nd 6Y old & Best Udder & B&O, RES SR CHAMP, GRAND CHAMPIONNE Best Bred & Qwn & Honorable Mention Grand Champ WDE 2012
2nd & B&O & RES Grand Championne EIHQ
Owner:Ferme Boulet, Pierre Boulet & Ferme Vilmer
Supra Family

Blondin Affirmed Satine V.G 89 MS-89 DS-94  Holstein Canada
2-04 305 14112 Kg 3.7% 3.5% (246-274-277)
2nd 4 year old & Best Udder Portneuf 2012

Petitclerc Allen Beautee EX 92 MS-95 2E  Holstein Canada
2nd Jr 3 Trois-Riviere et Portneuf 2011
Nom. Tout-Qc Spring calf 2008
2nd and Best B&O Junior Calf EIHQ 2008
2nd Junior Yrlg Portneuf 2009
All-Canadian & Tout-Québec Summer Yrlg 2009

Petitclerc Jasper Melanie EX F&L-95  Holstein Canada
1st Summer Yrlg and Best B&O Royal 2009
2nd Summer Yrlg Best B&O EIHQ
1st and Reserve Junior Champion Portneuf
Complet familly

Petitclerc Jasper Sweeny EX  Holstein Canada
4-08 14497kg 4,3% 3,1% (235-365-220)
Embryo available X Windbrook
The one and only

Petitclerc Brent Picotine EX 2E 7* 95-SM  Holstein Canada
Nominated All-Canadian 5 Years-Old 1987
Honorable Mention All-Cananadian 4 Years-Old 1986
Grand Champion Québec Spring Show & Québec Show 1987
7 VG Daugthers
Dams: VG 2*, VG-86 2*, VG