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Great results at WDE2015!

- Premier Breeder Junior Show
- Premier Exhibitor Jonior Show
- 1st Junior Herd 

 Windbrook Anaconda 1st Summer yrl. B&O

Sid Souky 3rd Junior Calf

Atwood Atlas 4th Junior yrl. B&O

Sid Anjelika 4th Intermediate Calf B&O


Atwood Sensation 6th Senior Calf

Goldwyn Sweetheart 9th Junior yrl.

Doorman Anastasia 8th Junior Calf

Atwood Samantha 10th Junior Calf

Atwood Snoopy 9th Senior Calf

Congrats to Budjon Farms and Peter & Lyn Vail with Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss 2nd Four-Year Old

We are proud to be Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder of the Junior Show at the WDE 2015!
Thanks to the whole team!

A first great show in New York
Awesome week in NY

-Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
-1st Jr Breeder Herd
-2nd Sr Breeder Herd

-Lingle GoldChip Feline, 2nd Fall calf, Thanks to Chris and Jennifer Hill to make this calf available
-Petitclerc Windbrook Frimousse, 6th Summer Yrlg, Special thanks to Seimers Holstein to purchase this July calf and thanks for your trust in are breeding!
-Petitclerc Alexander Access, 5th Winter Yrlg
-Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia, 2nd Fall Yrlg, RES Jr Champ & Champ B&O Under 2 years!

-Beavers-Flats Extrem Chloe, 5th Jr 2y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 2nd Sr 2y old & HM Inter Champ
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 4th Sr 2y old
-Massico Windbrook Charly, 7th Sr 2y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, 3rd 4y old, Owned by Yvon Sicard
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble, 5th 5y old

So its been 2 great week of show with the Qc spring show and Syracuse, 6/6 Banner, lots of fun with great people & friend!!!!!

Breaking New at Petitclerc…1 VG-88 & 3 VG-87 2 Yr old in his last classification
New EX:
-Petitclerc Stormatic Mimi EX-93 3E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble EX-91
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alice EX-92
VG 1st calf
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk VG-88-(89MS) 2Yr old, Res. Inter. Ch. & Ch. B&O Quebec Spring Show ‘14

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Silver VG-87 2Yr old, 4th Sr 2 Yr old Quebec Spring Show ‘14
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney VG-87 2Yr old, All-Canadian Inter. Calf ‘12
-Massico Windbrook Charly VG-87 2Yr old, 1 month fresh
-Fussion Passions Poison VG-86 2Yr old, Nom. All-Canadian ’13, Res. All-Can & Res. All-American Sr. calf ’12 & Sr Yrlg ‘13
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spanky VG-86 2Yr old
-Beaver-Flats Extrem Chloe VG-85 2Yr old
-Petitclerc Windbrook Brownies VG-85 2Yr old
Silver, Sidney & Spanky are daughters of Brabandtale Jasper Spades VG-88 1* x Triumphant Spooky EX 2E 52*

The convention Spring show is done
Can't be more proud of the team, you did awesome job gang
Qc Spring Convention Show results

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Premier Jr Breeder & Exhibitor
1st Sr Breeders Herd...

1st Jr Breeders Herd...

-Petitclerc Shottle Sexy, 1st Fall calf
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Salvatore, 6th Fall calf
-Petitclerc Windbrook Frimousse, 4th Summer Yrlg
-Petitclerc Alexander Access, 1st Winter Yrlg
-Petitclerc Alexander Albany, 5th Winter Yrlg
-Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia, 2nd Fall Yrlg & HM Jr Champ

-Beaver-Flats Extrem Chloe, 5th Jr 2y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 2nd Sr 2y old & Res Inter Champ & Gr Champ B&O
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Silver, 4th Sr 2y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 7th Sr 2y old
-Petitclerc Seaver Delima, 4th Jr 3y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Soon, 7th Sr 3y old
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble, 6th 5y old

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 3rd Jr 3y old, Owned by Sicard & Blondin
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, 2nd 4y old, Owned by Sicard

So see you next week at Syracure!!!
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expo printemps - Bannière d'éleveur

A great new to Start 2014 !
Réjean will be the first judge to go in the Supreme dairy show ring in November to judge the Holstein ! We are so pround of his Nomination !

The classificateur just came at the farm...
They is the final result for classification.
Herd classification of 24 EX, 68 VG, 25 GP

New Ex
-Petitclerc Kite Frame EX 90
-Petitclerc Allen Beauty Ex 90, daugther of Lee Beegee EX 94
-Petitclerc Dundee Amistie Ex 90, daugther of Storm Amy & Dam of Goldwyn Alex
-Petitclerc Jasper Ace EX 90, daugther of Storm Amy
-Petitclerc G...
oldwyn Alice Ex 90, daugther of Storm Amy
-Lellavan Goldwyn Desiree EX 90, Nom Tout-Qc 2010
-Petitclerc Mandelin Amadeus EX 92 3E
-Petitclerc Stormatic Mimi Ex 92 3E
-Petitclerc Allen Beautee Ex 92 2E, daugther of Lee Beegee EX 94
-Petitclerc Bolton Laurie Ex 90 2E
-Petitclerc Jasper Melanie EX 90 2E, All-Can 2009
-Knonaudale Gaffrey Ex 90 2E

Very Good 1st Calf
-Petitclerc Seaver Delima VG 87, Jr 3Y old for Spring
-Blondin Sid Jasmine VG 87, 6th Milk Yrlg WDE 2013
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Annabel VG 86, 4th & Best Udder Milk Yrlg EIHQ 2013 & Full sister of Alex
-Petitclerc Sid Vanessa VG 86, daugther of Parile Jasper Vivaldi EX 92 2E
-Petitclerc Shottle Satin VG 86, daugther of Jasper Spades & IVF X Goldwyn available
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Shadow VG, daugther of Spades
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Margo VG
-Petitclerc Fremont Vogue VG
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spanky VG, daugther of Spades
-Petitclerc Aftershock Allison VG

Other VG
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Scarlett VG 88, daugther of Spades
-Petitclerc Carisma Bulle VG 88, daugther of Lee Beegee
-Petitclerc Laramie Dolys, VG 87
-Petitclerc Bolton Amber VG 87
-Sicy Alexander Britany VG 87
-Petitclerc Carisma Fameuse VG 87
-Petitclerc Laurin Amicale VG 86
-Petitclerc MrSam Fivestar VG 86
-Petitclerc Baxter Frimousse VG

It was a awesome round for us, we are very appreciate this!!! Thanks to everyone involve!

The All American nominations are in !
Petitclerc Alexander Access, Winter Calf
Petitclerc Alexander Albany, Winter Calf, Access & Albany are full sister out of Goldwyn Alex, she have Windbrook embryo available and she flush again
Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia, Fall Calf

Jr breeder herd whit Access,Albany & Saltalamacchia
Sr Breeders herd whit Sid Sunkiss(she Nom in Jr 2 for Sicard &Blondin),Alexander Amycale(5th Sr2 Royal)& Goldwyn Flamingo (owned by Y. Sicard)

This is the first time that we have a Sr Group Nom All-American and we are extremly proud

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss Now VG-88 2 Yr Old

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, is now VG-88 2 Yr old. Sunkiss was also 3rd and Best Udder in the Jr 2 Yr old class at the WDE, and she was 1st and Best Udder at the EIHQ, and 2nd at the Royal last November! She is co-owned by Ferme Yvon Sicard and ferme Blondin.

Awesome trip to WDE!!!

We are extremely proud to be the first winner of the Junior Banners at WDE, big thank you to all are crew, they do a amazing job Thanks!!!


-Petitclerc Goldsun Showdown, 8th Spring calf, daugther of Jasper Spades!!!

-Petitclerc Alexander Access, 2nd & B&O Winter calf, daugther of Goldwyn Alex VG 89 3Y, All-Can 2010!!!

-Petitclerc Alexander Albany, 7th Winter calf, daugther of Goldwyn Alex.

-Petitclerc Gold Saltalamacchia, 1st & B&O Fall calf & Honorable Mention JR Champ!!!!, daugther of Jasper Spades!!!

-Petitclerc Windbrook Alibaba, 10th Summer Yrlg, Alex familly!!!

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Silver, 10th Winter Yrlg, daugther of Jasper Spades.

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 9th Fall Yrlg, full sister of Alex.

-Fussion Passions Poison, 10th Fall Yrlg.

-2nd Jr Breeders Herd whit Access, Albany & Saltalamacchia.

-Blondin Sid Jasmine NC, 6th Fall Yrlg in Milk.

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 3rd Jr 2Y old & Best Udder, Owner by: Ferme Blondin & Yvon Sicard

-Petitclerc Alexander Amycale VG 87 2Y, 15th Sr 2Y old

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, VG 89 3Y, 12th Jr 3y old, Owner by: Yvon Sicard

-3rd Sr Breeders Herd whit Sunkiss, Amycale & Flamingo.


Our consignment in the Eastside Embryo sale!

August 2013

Result of provincial show at Montmagny

-Petitclerc Alexander Access, 1st Winter calf & B&O. Daugther of Alex!!!

-Petitclerc Windbrook Alibaba, 3rd Summer Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Silver, 1st Winter Yrlg, B&O & HM JR Champ. Daugther of Jasper Spades & full sister to Sidney!!!

-2ieme Gr Jr

-Petitclerc Alexander Ashley, 9th Jr 2Y

-Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 4th Sr 2Y

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, 6th Jr 3Y

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, 4th 4 Years old

A good mi-ronde of Classifictaion today

News EX

-Petitclerc Baxter Marveille, EX (EX-93 SM)

-Morsan Miss Lovely Baxter, EX 92 (EX-95 SM)

EX multiples

-Petitclerc Allen Adorable, EX 2E

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Mona, EX-91 3E

-Petitclerc James Fantastik, EX 6E

-Petitclerc Noisette, EX 2E

VG 1st calf

-Toddsdale-I Goldwyn Mystique, VG 87

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, VG 86...she was Nom. All-Qc Summer Yrlg 2012

-Petitclerc Alexander Ashley, VG 86

-Petitclerc Shottle Satin, VG 85

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spell, VG 85

***2 daughters of Brabantdale Jasper Spades

-Petitclerc Jordan Sweet, TB 85

VG 2nd calf

-Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, VG 89 (Max score)...only a week fresh!...Nom. All-Canadian & M-H All-Qc Inter. Yrlg 2011

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, VG 89 (Max score)...2nd Jr 3 Trois-Rivières 2013

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Amigo, VG 88...Sister of P. Alexander Amycal. Embryos available

3 hot consignations in the Intrigue Sale!

Congrats to Yvon Sicard, new owner of Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, VG 89, Nom. All Canadian Jr 2 yr Old in 2012;

to Liberty Holstein, Ont, to purshase Blondin Sid Ferrari, a Sept. Calf out of Pierstein Goldwyn Frisou, EX-94; 1st Mature cow Mid West Spring 2013 and Nom. All American 4 Yr old in 2012 & Jr 3 Yr old in 2010 (cons: Ferme Blondin & Maxime Petitclerc)

to John Cunningham, California, to purshase a choice out of Wendon Goldwyn Allie EX-95, 1e 5 Yr old Madison, EIHQ & Royal 2012!

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo now VG 89 3 Yr old

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, lot 26 of the International Intrigue sale, just went VG 89 3 Yr old, max score, with only 15 days fresh! MS:91 F&L:90  DS:92 R:87

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, Rse. Ch. at Portneuf 2013!

1st Sr 2 Yr old and Reserve Grand Champion, Petitclerc Goldwyn Amycale VG 87 2 yr Old did well at the show.

A Petitclerc did well during the Michigan State Fair!

Petitclerc Goldwyn Starsky, full sister of Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 1st Inter. Calf, All Canadian, Res. All American & Tout-Québec 2012, just won the title of Jr. Champion of the Michigan State Fair. She was sold during the Tag Sale @ Co-Vale last march by Spike Lamoureux. Congrats!

Prounds of our cows at Trois-Rivières

Winner of the Inter. calf class & Hon. Men. with Petitclerc Alexander Albany, daughter of Goldwyn Alex VG 89 3 yr old

2nd Sr calf with Liddelhome Tiffany owned bye Max Petitclerc, Jenny Henchoz & Eaton Holstein

3nd Sr Calf Petitclerc Goldwyn Saltalamacchia, daughter of Brabantdale Jasper Spades VG 88

4th Jr 2 yr old BVK Atwood Ana, co-owned by Hardy Holstein. Full sister of BVK Atwood Arianna

3th Sr 2 yr old Petitclerc Alexander Amycale VG 87 2 yr old, Res. Jr. Champion Royal 2012

1st Jr 3 Yr old & Res. Inter. Champion Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, VG 88 2 yr old, coowned with Yvon Sicard

2nd Jr 3 yr old Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, VG 87 2 yr old, Nom. Tout-Québec summer yrlg 2011

4th Jr 3 yr old Toddsdale-I Goldwyn Mistique, VG 87, daughter of Clemar Monara Leduc, Nom. All Canadian 2003

2nd Breeder herd!

Update on the embryo list
Many embryos out of strong pedigree or show cows available, with hot sires.

Last classification round

3 New EX:

-Petitclerc Drake Bonbon, EX 91 (95-MS)

-Morsan Lovely Miss Baxter, EX 91 (95-MS)

-Petitclerc Bolton Laurie, EX (94-MS)

-Benrise Dundee Classym, EX 91 2E


VG 2nd calf:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, VG 89, 2nd 4 yr old Québec Spring Show 2013

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble, VG 88 (embryos x Windbrook available)

-Petitclerc Jasper Amigo,VG 87 (Sister of Alexander Amycale, embryos x Goldwyn available)

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Primo, VG

-Petitclerc Shottle Albrio, VG (Sister of Alexander Amycale)


VG 1st Calf:

-Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, VG 87 (Res. Jr Champ. Royal 2012)

-Petitclerc Knowledge Filou, VG 87

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Soon, VG 86 (Daughter of Brabantdale Jasper Spades, VG 88)

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Venus & Goldwyn Victoire, VG (Daughter of Parile Jasper Vivaldi, EX 92 2E)

-Sicy Alexander Britany, VG (Family of Blondin Lyster Beauty)

April 2013 Qc Spring Show

Québec Spring Show results

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Saltalamacchia, 6th Sr calf, daugther of Jasper Spades!

-Garay Alexander AllBlack, 10th Sr calf, co-owner: Ferme Fortale

-Petitclerc Windbrook Alibaba, 2nd & B&O Summer Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 3rd Inter Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Silver, 7th Inter Yrlg

-Fussion Passions Poison, 2nd Sr Yrlg & RES CHAMP JR

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 8th Sr Yrlg

-BVK Atwood Ana, 4th Jr 2 years old

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, 2nd 4 years old & B&O

Fev '13

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alcatraz, Tout-Qc Jr calf. Owner by Westcoast Holstein.

Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, All-Canadian, Tout-Qc & Res All-American winter calf. Her full sister sr calf Petitclerc Goldwyn Starsky selling in Tag Sale at Co-Vale march 19th to 25th NY.

Massico Windbrook Charly, HM Tout-Qc winter calf & on a flush program embryos available soon.

Fussion Passions Poison, Res All-Canadian, Res All-American & Tout-Qc Sr calf.

Co-Vale Fever Camila, Unanimous All-Canadian, All-American & Tout-Qc Summer Yrlg.

Bvk Atwood Ana, HM Tout-Qc Jr Yrlg. Owner whit Hardy Holstein.

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, Res All-Canadian, HM All-American & Tout-Qc Winter Yrlg.

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, Res Tout-Qc Sr Yrlg.

Jr Breeder Herd #1, Tout-Qc & HM All-American.

Jan 2013 All-Can Nom.

Nomination list

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo VG 88 2Y, Junior 2Y

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, Winter Yrlg

Co-Vale Fever Camila, Summer Yrlg

Fussion Passions Poison, Fall Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, Winter Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alcatraz, Spring Calf & Owner by Westcoast Holstein

Dec '12 Tout-Quebec Nom.

There are our 13 nominations Tout-Québec for 2012.

Spring Calf:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alcatraz, prop Westcoast Holstein

Winter Calf:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney

-Massico Windbrook Charly

Fall Calf:

-Petitclec Goldwyn Anouk

-Fussion Passions Poison

Summer Yrlg:

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss

-Co-Vale Fever Camila, prop Co-Vale, Aaron Eaton, Max Petitclerc & Jenny Henchoz

Spring Yrlg:

-BVK Atwood Ana, prop Petitclerc & Hardy Holstein

Winter Yrlg:

-Petitclerc Alexander Amycale

Fall Yrlg:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady

Junior 2 years old:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, maintenant co-prop Yvon Sicard

Jr Breeder Herd 1:

-Amycale, Anouk & Sidney

Jr Breeder Herd 2:

-Spady, Amycale & Sunkiss

Dec '12 All-American Nom

We are very happy whit 5 All-American Nomination!!!

Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, Winter Calf

Fusion Passions Poison, Fall Calf

Co-Vale Fever Camila, Summer Yrlg

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, Winter Yrlg

Jr Breeders Herd: Amycale, Anouk & Sidney

Nov 2012 RAWF

Amazing resultas at the ROYAL for the Petitclerc breed with both Junior banners for the second year in a row, three first place, 3 heifers in the top 6 in the Championship, 9 herds in the top 10 & the RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION!!!

A big thanks to all the crew and all our friends who help us during the show season 2012!!!



 Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 1st Winter Calf, B&O & pulled in top 6

Fussion Passions Poison, 2nd Sr Calf 

Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 9th Sr Calf 

Co-Vale Fever Camila, 1st Summer Yrlg, B&O & pulled in top 6, exhibited by Co-Vale, Aaron Eaton, Max Petitclerc & Jenny Henchoz and now own by Co-Vale, Martincroft & Pigott Farms

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 7th Summer Yrlg

BVK Atwood Ana, 7th Jr Yrlg, owner whit Hardy Holstein 

 Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 1st Winter Yrlg, B&O & RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMP

 Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 6th Sr Yrlg

 Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, 6th Jr 2 years old

Also 2nd in Junior Breeder Herd whit Amycale, Anouk & Sidney & 3rd for the Overall Breeder Banner 

Nov 2012

Good classification round


-Petitclerc Jasper Mélanie EX 90 & 95-F&L 3rd calf, All-Canadian & Tout-Qc Summer Yrlg 2009

-Petitclerc Carisma Fillette EX 90 3rd calf, Nom All-Canadian & H-M Tout Qc Winter calf  2008

-Knonaudale Roy Gaffrey EX 90

-Petitclerc Allen Beautee EX 92 & 95-MS 3rd calf

-Petitclerc Stormatic Mimi EX 92 2E & 94-MS

-Petitclerc Storm Farine EX 92 6E


-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alice TB 89 2nd calf

-Petitclerc Allen Beauty TB 88 2nd calf

-Petitclerc Jasper Missy TB 87 2nd calf

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble TB 87 2nd calf

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Scarlett TB 86 2nd calf, daugther of Jasper Spades

-Petitclerc Jasper Famine TB 86 2nd calf

-Petitclerc Jasper Fajitas TB 2Y

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Ariel TB 2Y

Nov 2012

Result of EIHQ, 3rd year in a row winner of the 1st Jr Breeder Herd, Jr Exhibitor Banner and the 5th year in a row whit the Jr Breeder Banner. Big thanks for all the crew who help us during the show. 

Petitclerc Amazing Sid, 7th Spring calf & daugther of Goldwyn Alex VG 88 2Y, All-Can & Res All-Ame Fall Yrlg 2010

Beaver-Flats Extrme Chloe, 2nd Spring calf, same familly as Stoneden Goldwyn Courage EX 91 & Candace EX 93

Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 1st Winter calf B&O & pulled in top 6

Massico Windbrook Charly, 2nd Winter calf, same familly as Boulet Goldwyn Chalou EX 95, H-M GRAND CHAMP WDE 2012

Fussion Passions Poison (Demsey), 2nd Fall calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 3rd Fall calf

Co-Vale Fever Camila, 1st Summer Yrlg B&O & RES JR CHAMP Owner: Maxime Petitclerc, Jenny Henchoz, Co-Vale Farm & Aaron Eaton. Sold to Pigott Farms, Co-Vale & Martincroft

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 4th Summer Yrlg

BVK Atwood Ana, 1st Spring Yrlg. Co-owner Hardy Holstein

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 2nd Winter Yrlg B&O & pulled in top 6

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 3rd Fall Yrlg & B&O

-1st Jr Breeder Herd whit Amycale, Anouk & Sidney

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, 8th Jr 2Y

October 2012 WDE

A great trip for the Petitclerc breed...

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alcatraz, 7th Junior Calf

Now owned by Westcoast Holsteins , B-C

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney, 6th Inter. Calf

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk, 6th Senior Calf

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 11th Summer Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Amycale, 6th Inter. Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 8th Sr. Yrlg

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, 12th Jr 2 Yr Old

-3rd Jr Breeder Herd whit Sidney, Amycale & Spady

and the 2 new acquisition...

-Fusion Passions Poison(S:Dempsey), 2nd Senior Calf

-Co-Vale Fever Camila, 1st Summer Yrlg & B&O, pull in top 6 heifers of the show (Owners: Maxime Petitclerc, Jenny Henchoz, Co-Vale Farm & Aaron Eaton)

Expo Quebec 2012

1st Jr Calf, Best Breed and Owned & Hon. Mention:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Alcatraz

1st Intermediate calf and Best Breed & Owned:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sidney

1st Senior Cald and Best Breed and Owned:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk

2nd Summer Yrlg and Breed & Owned:

-Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss

2nd Intyer. Yrlg and Breed & Owned:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Amycal

2nd Senior Yrlg and Breed & Owned:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady

2nd Jr. 2 Yr Old and Breed & Owned:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo

-1st Jr Breeder Herd & Both Jr Banner

July 2012 Classification

New EX:

Petitclerc Allen Beautée, EX 91

Petitclerc Rudolph Gabary, EX 5E

Petitclerc Allen Briquette, EX

Petitclerc Roy Noisette, EX

Very Good 2 Yr Old

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, VG 88 2 Yr old

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, VG 88 2 Yr Old

Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, TB 86

Petitclerc Laurin Amicale, VG (Maternal sister of Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex)

Other New Very Good:

Petitclerc Baxter Marveille, VG 88

Petitclerc Jasper Ace, VG 88

Petitclerc Kate Frame, TB 88

Petitclerc Laramie Dolys, VG

Petitclerc September Arriet, VG 87

Petitclerc Stormatic Karole, VG 87

Petitclerc Tribute Amande, VG

Apr '12

Back home whit the Breeder banner, Breeder and Exhibitor Jr Banner. Big thank you to the crew who did a excellent job!


Also winner of the Jr Breeder Herd whit Spady, Amycale & Sunkiss

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, 4th Sr 2

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 4th Sr Yrlg

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 1st Inter Yrlg

Petitclerc Alexander Ashley, 3rd Jr Yrlg

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss, 4th Summer Yrlg

Petitclerc Goldwyn Annouk, 6th Sr calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Annabel, 8th Sr calf

Petitclerc Alexander Keith, 9th Sr calf

March 2012

We are very proud of Petitclerc Alexander Abrico after she won Jr. Champ. title at the Ontario Spring Discovery. She was Tout-Québec Summer calf in 2011. Congratulation to the new owner Air America Dairy and good luck for the rest of the season.

March 2012

A great classification to star the year with 3 news EX, 5 EX M, 4 V.G. 2 Yr on 6 classified.

New EX:

Benrise Dundee Classy EX 91, only 13 days fresh!!!!

Petitclerc Jasper Sweeny EX 90

Petitclerc Allen Adorable EX 90, daughter of Storm Amy EX 92 2E 9*

New V.G. 2 Yr old:

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima V.G. 87 2 Yr, Nom All-Can. Inter. Yrlg 2011

Petitclerc Roseplex Plasmate V.G. 86 2 Yr old

Petitclerc Goldwyn Scarlett V.G. 85 2 Yr old, daughter of Jasper Spades!!!

Petitclerc Mr Sam Laury V.G. 85 2 Yr old

Housed at the farm, Geno Shottle Liliann V.G. T.B 85 2 Yr old, daughter of Geno Goldwyn Lili EX 92, All-American & All-Canadian Sr 2 Yr old 2008

EX Multiples:

Petitclerc Goldwyn Mona EX 91 2E

Petitclerc Mandelin Amadeus EX 91 2E

Petitclerc Outside Mousse EX 91 3E

Petitclerc James Fantastik EX 3E

Petitclerc Rudolph Gabary EX 91 5E

Few V.G.

Petitclerc Lheros Amistie V.G. 88, daughter of Storm Amy

Petitclerc Dundee Amiante V.G.88, grand daughter of Storm Amy

Petitclerc Dundee Amistie V.G. 87, dam of Goldwyn Alex

Petitclerc Goldwyn Affinie V.G. 87

Petitclerc Goldwyn Goliathe V.G. 87

Petitclerc Wildman Gamine V.G. 87

21 fév.


Feb 2012

Breeder Herd Tout-Qc whit Spady, Amycale & Satin

Petitclerc Alexander Abrico, Tout-Qc Summer Calf

Petitclerc Shottle Satin, HM All-Canadian & Res Tout-Qc Jr Calf

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, HM All-Canadian & HM Tout-Qc Inter Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, All-Canadian 4-H & Tout-Qc Sr Calf

Petitclerc Gold Vero, Res Tout-Qc Summer Yrlg

Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, HM Tout-Qc Summer Yrlg

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, HM Tout-Qc Inter Yrlg

Dec 25th 2011

There is the 2011 All-Canadian Nominations

Petitclerc Shottle Satin, Jr. Calf

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, Inter. Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, Senior Calf & 4-H Sr Calf

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, Inter. Yrlg

Dec 2011

A total of 11 Nom. Tout-Qc Petitclerc breed this year whit 2 Jr Breeders Herd

Gr 1: Spady, Amycale & Satin, 1st EIHQ & 3rd ROYAL.

Gr 2: Frima, Flamigo & Vero, 2nd Qc Spring Show & Expo Québec.

Look on the Exhibition section to see all the Nomination.

Nov 2011

We are extremly pround to won the Junior Banners at the Royal Winter Fair, a big thanks to all who help us during the year.


-Petitclerc Alexander Abrico, Summer Calf, 10th in the Jr Calf class at the Royal. Sold to: AIR AMERICA DAIRY, Florida. Full sister of Amycale & daugther of Petitclerc Storm Amy EX 92 2E 8* Res All-Can Milking Yrlg 2001.

-Petitclerc Shottle Satin, 3rd Jr Calf. Sister of Spady & daugther of Brabantdale Jasper Spades VG 88 3Y.

-Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 3rd Winter Calf. Full sister of Abrico!

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 4th Sr Calf & 1st at the Canadian 4-H  Classic lead by Dominic and undefeated 4-H this season. Sister of Satin!

-Petitclerc Gold Vero, 7th Summer Yrlg, owner by Dubeau & Ferme Malic. Full sister of Vertica & daugther of Parile Jasper Vivaldi EX 92.

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, 8th Summer Yrlg. Full sister of Vero!

-Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, 5th Winter Yrlg. 3 EX Dams!

-3rd Junior Herd with Satin, Amycale & Spady, and also 3nd in the Overall Breeder Banner.

Other result of EIHQ & Royal

-Petitclerc Alexander Ovechkin, 18th Jr Calf Royal. Full sister of Abrico & Amycale!

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, 13th Jr Yrlg Royal.

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Ariel, 10th Jr Yrlg EIHQ. Full sister of Albouka, dam is VG "Leduc" Nom. All-Canadian 2004, 2nd dam Storm Amy EX 92 2E 8*

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Albouka, 7th Winter Yrlg EIHQ. Full sister of Ariel!

-Petitclerc Jasper Flecy, 9th Sr Yrlg EIHQ.

07 nov

Very good day at EIHQ for Petitclerc

Winner of the Junior Herd, Breeder & Exhibitor Junior  Banner.

Petitclerc Alexander Abrico, 1st Summer Calf at the EIHQ 2011 is selling in the Sale Of Star on Nov. 10th!

Others results:

Petitclerc Shottle Satin, 2nd Junior Calf & Best Bred & Own

Petitclerc Alexander Ashley, 4th Junior Calf

Petitclerc Alexander Amycale, 2nd Intermdiaire Calf  & Res. Jr. Champ.  (full sister of Abrico)

Petitclerc Goldwyn Spady, 3rd Senior Calf

Petitclerc Gold Vero, 3rd Summer Yrlg (prop. Ferme Malic & Dubeau) 

Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica, 4th Summer Yrlg (full sister of Vero)

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamigo, 7th Junior Yrlg

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, 1st Inter. Yrlg & Best Breed & Own

3rd on the Overall Breeder Banner

July 20th 2011

Verry nice classification, with 2 new Ex and 8 V.G. 2 Year Old, the classification average is 87pts with 24 cows classified. The herd is now 15 EX, 75 V.G. & 30 G.P.

-Petitclerc Linjet Francoise EX

-Petitclerc Samuelo Fleuve EX

-Petitclerc Igniter Alice EX 2E

V.G. 1st Calf

-Petitclerc Gold Alice V.G. 87 (daughter of Storm Amy)

-D-T Sunnyknoll Goldfry V.G. 86, beautifull young cow with an excellent mamery system. Embryos x Braxton available

-Petitclerc Jasper Ace V.G. 27 days fresh. Nominated Tout-Québec Jr. Yrlg 2010 (daughter of Storm Amy)

-Petitclerc Jasper Fire V.G. Nominated Tout-Québec Inter. Yrlg 2010

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sunshine T.B. 1st daughter of Brabantdale Jasper Spades classified with only 33 days fresh.

Her Dam:

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Atlantic V.G. Nominated Tout-Québec Sr. Yrlg 2010

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble V.G. 25 days fresh

-Petitclerc Jasper Halias V.G.

Others V.G.

-Blondin Affirmed Satine V.G. 89 Embryos Available X GoldChip

-Petitclerc Allen Beautée V.G. 3 Yr Old 89-MS

-Petitclerc Champion Cache V.G. 88 3 Yr Old

-Petitclerc Allen Briquette V.G. 87 3 Yr Old

-Petitclerc Carisma Brune V.G. 87 3 Yr Old

-Benrise Dundee Classy V.G. 87 3 Yr Old

-Petitclerc Rubens Marcaille V.G. 86 3 Yr Old

-Petitclerc Bolton Laurie V.G. 86 3 Yr Old

March 30th 2011

2 new EX, 11 new TB including 7 1st calf

Petitclerc Mandelin Amadeus EX-91 (picture to come)

Petitclerc Goldwyn Mona EX MS-94 (picture to come)

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex TB 88 2Y, whit just 45 days fresh. Alex was All-Canadian, Tout-Qc and Rés All-American Sr Yrlg in 2010 & Rés All-Can Sr calf 2009.

Petitclerc Goldwyn Nathalie VG 86 2Y

Petitclerc Jasper Amigo VG 86 2Y

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alive VG 2Y, VG 1st calf whit just 11 days fresh. Alive was Nominee All-Can & Tout-Qc Jr calf in 2009.

Petitclerc Goldwyn Annie VG 2Y

Petitclerc Goldwyn Affinie VG 2Y

Petitclerc Jasper Alicia VG 2Y

Other results:

Blondin Affirmed Satine VG 88 2nd calf

Petitclerc Lhéros Amistie VG 87 2nd calf, embryo available X Sid.

Petitclerc Allen Adorable VG 87, embryo available X Goldwyn.

Petitclerc Kite Frame VG 87 


Petitclerc Carisma Bulle VG 86

Petitclerc Stormatic Karole VG

Petitclerc Bambam Creme VG

Petitclerc Ace Secret VG

Feb 2011

A good result  thanks to everyone

All-American & Tout-Quebec Junior Breeder's Herd

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex

All-Canadian, Tout-Quebec & Res All-American Senior Yearling

Lellavan Goldwyn Desiree

Res Tout-Quebec Winter Yearling

Petitclerc Jasper Fire

Honorable Mention Tout-Quebec Winter Yearling

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo

Res Tout-Quebec Junior calf

January 2011

2 All-Canadian Nominations for Petitclerc breed in 2010

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, Nom. Junior Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, Nom. Sr Yearling

December 13th 2010

December 13th Classification

16 New VG including 11 1st calf & 1 EX 3E

Petitclerc Carisma Fillette VG 88-2Y, Fillette was Nominated All-Canadian & Honorable Mention Tout-Québec Intermediate calf in 2008. She is due in June'11 by Seaver, Senior 3Y for 2011!

Petitclerc Jasper Mélanie VG 87-2Y, Mélanie, All-Canadian & Tout-Québec Summer Yearling in 2009 calved in Sept '10 and is getting better everyday.

Petitclerc Allen Beautée VG-87 2Y, promissing young cow, Junior 3Y for 2011, 2nd Junior 2Y Trois-Rivières 2010 and due in June'11 by Attic.

Petitclerc Allen Beauty VG-862Y

Petitclerc Allen Briquette VG 86-2Y, Beautée, Beauty & Briquette are 3 full sisters of Petitclerc Lee Beegee EX 94 2E

Other VG 2Y:

Petitclerc Jasper Monaie VG 85, full sister of Mélanie!

Petitclerc Carisma Fameuse VG 85

Petitclerc Baxter Marveille VG 85, 8 generations VG or EX with 18*, familly of Picotine!

Petitclerc Wildman Gamine VG 85

Petitclerc September Jen VG 85

Petitclerc Goldwyn Goliathe VG 85, promessing young cow with 4 generations VG or EX with 19*(photo to come)

Dam of Goliathe:Petitclerc Sovereign Galaxie VG 87-2Y

other results:

Petitclerc Norman Dolly VG 89(MS-90pts) 3Y, Nominated All-Canadian & Honorable Mention Tout-Québec Junior Yearling in 2008, Dolly was 5th Junior 3Y at Expo Québec in 2010 

Petitclerc Stormatic Mimi VG 88(MS-91pts) 3Y

Petitclerc Goldwyn Morel VG 88 3Y, Mimi & Morel are 2 full sisters with 8 generations VG or EX with 19*, the dam is:

Petitclerc Progress Martine VG 88 3Y

Petitclerc Goldwyn Arret VG 87-3Y

Petitclerc Roy Ginger VG 87-3Y

Petitclerc Igniter Famous EX 91 3E

Dec 8th 2010

Good new, 3 All-American Nom & 9 All-Quebec Nom whit the Junior best three

Go to Exhibitions section to see the Nominees.

November 2010

Very good results at EIHQ and the RAWF

Winner of the Junior Breeder and Exhibitor banners EIHQ & 1st Junior Best of three, 2nd Junior Best of three RAWF

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, 1st & Best B&O Spring Calf EIHQ & 7th RAWF

Petitclerc B Goldwyn Frima, 10th Winter Calf EIHQ & 9th RAWF

Petitclerc Goldwyn Albouka, 2nd Winter calf EIHQ

Petitclerc Laramie Dolys, 3rd Summer Yrlg EIHQ

Petitclerc Jasper Ace, 10th Junior Yrlg EIHQ

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alive, 10th Jr Yrlg RAWF

Petitclerc Jasper Fire, 4th Winter Yrlg EIHQ 8th RAWF

Lellavan Goldwyn Desiree, 1st Winter Yrlg EIHQ & 13th RAWF

Petitclerc Goldwyn Atlantic, 9th Senior Yrlg EIHQ & RAWF

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, 1st and Junior Champion EIHQ & 2nd RAWF

October 2010

World Dairy Expo Results, Madison

1st Junior Best of Three, with Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, Petitclerc B. Goldwyn Frima & Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo

Petitclerc Goldwyn Alex, 2nd Senior Yearling & Best Breed & Owned

Petitclerc Jasper Ace, 14th Spring Yearling

Petitclerc B. Goldwyn Frima, 7th Winter Calf

Petitclerc Goldwyn Flamingo, 5th Spring Calf